Styled: Work from Home

Something that is true to my career as a wedding designer, and that I also happen to love is the importance of looking put together. When you're selling a service on the basis of a promise that you're going to make their wedding day stylish and beautiful, you have to look the part!

When I'm wearing an outfit that's appropriate to job I'm doing, I feel confident and I showcase my own personal style as a designer. While I spend countless hours creating inpiration boards for events, I hardly ever take the time to curate my personal style... until now! My new column,


, will be published on a whim whenever I feel like it. ;) I hope to put together looks for different aspects of my day to day life as a wedding planner and how they might change seasonally. Keep your eyes open for future posts on what to wear to meetings with clients, vendors, the whole wedding weekend and for formal events. This should be fun!

For my first look, I wanted to show you what (in my dream closet) I'd like to wear when I'm working in my home office. I need to be comfortable, but professional enough to run out for a meeting. I like to get dressed (shoes and all!) first thing in the morning to put myself in a "I'm at work now." mindset. But not in a boring sad way.

Styled: Work from Home