Classic Traverse City Wedding at the Cathedral Barns

Classic Traverse City Wedding at the Cathedral Barns

If there was a thing such as a perfect Traverse City wedding, Christine and Joel's nuptials would be it. The ceremony took place un the sun under Building 50 and transitioned to a beautiful outdoor cocktail hour at the Botanic Garden. From there, guests were ushered into the reception with champagne and wowed with the incredible decor inside the Cathedral Barn. Don't miss their exceptionally sweet pup, Louie, and the helicopter exit from the ceremony! 

A Summery, Lakeside Wedding in Michigan Featured on Martha Stewart Weddings

A Summery, Lakeside Wedding in Michigan Featured on Martha Stewart Weddings

zzy and Tom were married on a perfect July day in Northern Michigan. Between the stunning color palette, a glowing sailcloth tent, and these photos by Rebecca Yale... get ready to swoon. I won't say too much. For more insight into the day, check out the feature on Martha Stewart Weddings! 

The Sweetest Leland Wedding at the Old Art Building

The Sweetest Leland Wedding at the Old Art Building

If I could choose to plan events for one family for life, it would easily be Katherine Miller and her family. Sarah Rhodes-Boyce, our principal wedding planner, had the luxury of planning and designing this wedding in Leland. From their church wedding, they paraded down to the Old Art Building for a reception under a tent in the garden. The best part, the bride, Katherine, is an artist! Her family moved to Leland when she was a child, so naturally this was the perfect spot for her and Robert to say "I do!". Be sure to check out Katherine's work here. :) 

Classic Northern Michigan Wedding in Glen Arbor, Michigan

Classic Northern Michigan Wedding in Glen Arbor, Michigan

It was such a privilege to work with these two on planning and designing their nuptials at The Homestead Resort. They wanted a venue that was really able to show off the beauty of Glen Arbor (those views!), that their guests would feel comfortable at, and most importantly- felt like the perfect place for them to say "I do!". Be sure to check out the custom calligraphy pieces created by the bride, and check her out on Instagram @wildflourish! Now onto the images by Curtis Wiklund! 

Elegant Spring Wedding at Ciccone Vineyards

Elegant Spring Wedding at Ciccone Vineyards

Get ready for some serious eye candy. This day in June at Ciccone Vineyards was full of romantic details that set the stage for a perfect Northern Michigan wedding. From the invitation suite to the surprise sunset at the end of the day, you won't want to miss these images by Cory Weber! 

Vision Board

I was completely one of those twelve year old girls who cut up magazines and created collages of cell phones, lipstick, ballerinas with perfect form, and the word "sexy" and glued it all together, stuck it on my wall. Back then it was for fun, but I can see now how creating those collages helped me refine what I loved and wished for. As an adult, I've been creating vision boards on Pinterest for several years now. You can see 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and now... 2017

Photos are not my own, for a specific source for each image, please see this link. 

Photos are not my own, for a specific source for each image, please see this link

It's fun to see how my dreams and tastes have changed. The constants: family first, inspiring work, energetic social life, travel, healthy living. This year, in my quest to rise, my hope is that these other dreams will naturally follow. For the first year EVER, I started out January 1st without anything I wanted to change about myself. 

I woke up on January 1st with no weight I "needed" to lose, no credit card debt, no goal to buy a home (ZING), no resolving to create a healthy boundary for work, no urge to have another baby, or to plan a specific trip, or to grow my hair out or, or, or. 

Accept yourself, and expect more from yourself. -- Gretchen Rubin

How freeing is that! I'm excited to rise to the next level this year. To find more flow in my creative work, to get to the next level in with my fitness goals, to put my phone down more often. I don't know about you but I see zero social media in that vision board! 

So, CHEERS! To squeezing more life out of everyday. 

2017: My Word for the Year

Good Morning! Reporting here from my dining room table at 7:00 am. How is your new year going? For me, I definitely feel the renewing energy that comes with January 1st. In the past, I've done every right of passage for the new year. Resolutions, vision boards, letters to my future self, extremely intense goal setting with tracking, a word of the year, and simply defining the values I want to operate from. Clearly, I am big on self development and genuinely find joy in this process. 

Some may say that resolving to make a change or set a goal arbitrarily on January 1st is a surefire way to set yourself up for failure, but I disagree. My personal view is that the tradition of starting a new year is a gift. For a clean slate, fresh start, new page. I don't know about you, but I am always interested in an extra chance to extend grace to myself. 

I usually start thinking about my goals for the new year at my birthday (November 20th). It gives me a trial period for my new goals and gives me a jumpstart on the year. :) A few weeks ago a friend asked if I had any specific goals for the year. For once in my life, I said, "I actually only have one goal! To wake up earlier than my kids every day". If this strikes you as funny, take a look at the below quote. 

"Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become" ---Jim Rohn 

Let's look at that again. Success is something you attract by the person you become. I realized this year more than ever that taking care of myself and devoting TIME to my personal development was the key to the improvement of my business. As a mom of two little guys, time is hard to carve out. A few years ago I resolved to wake up earlier and I loved it. But then, I was pregnant, and tired, and then wedding season, and then, and then... you get the picture. 

My word for 2017 is rise. I want to literally rise, earlier everyday. Figuratively, I want to rise to the person I want to be in every area of my life. What better time that 6:00 am to spend 90 minutes doing things that will directly improve my well being? For the past two weeks I've been rolling out of bed around 6:00, brushing my teeth and heading straight to the coffee grinder. You may remember me posting about The Miracle Morning. More than just a book, it's a program with a simply designed morning routine (the SAVERS). I do not follow this exclusively, but most days I incorporate all six activities. 

Here's what my morning looks like currently. But unlike my prior, my rigid self, I am open to changing this as the morning unfolds. 

1. Brush teeth, get warm clothes on and brew coffee. Drink a giant glass of water. Turn on a playlist on spotify. I can't stand a silent house!

2. Fill out the Five Minute Journal. I write the best things that happened the day before, 3 things I'm grateful for, what would "make the day great", and my personal affirmations. This knocks out "scribing & affirmations" for the Miracle Morning Routine. (p.s. I used to use the 5 minute journal app, but I have a strong preference for the physical journal!)

3. After I do my affirmations, I pour the coffee and get seated for a guided meditation. I currently am using aaptiv, but there are a million guided meditation apps. I only meditate for about 10 minutes. Currently, I suck at this but that clearly means I need to do it! When I put music on, I connect to my bose speaker. When it's time for the meditation I simply switch the app. The simplicity of it makes this much less of a hurdle! 

4. Visualization. Admittedly, this is something I am still getting comfortable with. Visualizing yourself achieving your most coveted goals is scary, actually! Remember this quote? BYE. It's perfect and I am obsessed with it. 

it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.
—Marianne Williamson

5. I read for as long as I want to, or can from a non-fiction book. I love non-fiction so this is so fun for me! Here is what I've been reading lately. :) 

Then, the kids wake up and chaos ensues! No, really. Remy just woke up so I'm going to hit publish and change a diaper. Love and peace to all! 


Joy Comes in the Morning

The first rule of blogging is never to say, "oh my goodness it has been so long since I've written on this blog!". But hey, it's true. Hi everyone! I've felt a subtle tug to return to writing, to return to sharing more of the behind the scenes of my life and entrepreneurial journey with you all. In the last few months I have had several new friends (clients, team members and acquaintances) comment on how they first discovered my work and story through this blog. It's been about two years (!) since I've posted anything personal on this site but I'm really looking forward to finding my footing again. 

If you're new to this space, welcome! My name is Rachel, I am a wedding planner, designer, mom, wife, red wine drinker, people-pleasing introvert, aspiring morning person, vegan, dancer, self-development junkie, and hopefully your BFF. I founded Sincerely, Ginger back in 2011, with not much else than a dream. A dream to spend my days serving engaged couples, sharing what little I knew about weddings and design. A dream to have more time with my soon-to-be-born son, Rowan. A dream to build a legacy for myself that was focused and driven by the things that matter to me. 

I thought it would be fun to start this new series by reflecting on 2015 and 2016, looking at past goals telling you about my new ones. A little preview... it's been so much more of a wild ride than I ever could have imagined. Amazing clients, financial success, recognition in my field, a new baby, but also there has been tragedy, illness, client relationships that haven't been what I expected, nights of working where I didn't see my kids or husband, and a serious bout of anxiety. It hasn't all been perfect, but it's been joyful. Thank you for your encouragement. I am 100% positive I couldn't do it without you. 

From Remy's newborn session with Cory Weber. Those boys are my life!

From Remy's newborn session with Cory Weber. Those boys are my life!

Katherine & Andrew Engaged

Happy Monday! I'm so excited to share this little sneak of engagement photos with you that we took literally 24 hours ago in Grand Rapids. Alyssa Mc Elheny is officially my hero. Thought it would be fun to share my favorite black and whites. Check out her blog for the rest. Enjoy! 

Thanks again, Alyssa! Can't wait to see what magic happens June 27th. :)


Holiday Table Feature

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This week I'm spending some time with my in-laws, taking naps, drinking wine, and of course baking my favorite dinner rolls (seriously, so good. from here.) Wanted to pop over to the blog to let you all know about my first television appearance! 

Last week I celebrated my birthday and the next day was invited to share tips and tricks for hosting Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to put together seven affordable projects using natural elements and things you likely already have around the house. Live TV isn't my strong suit, please be gracious. 

Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Grateful for each of you! 


Heather & Reb on Style Me Pretty

What a treat to have Heather & Reb's wedding featured on Style Me Pretty! They had a picture-perfect day on Arbutus Lake, complete with a rowboat exit and hand made details by the bride infused every where you looked. Was delighted to have Cory & Megan from Weber Photography by my side! See below for more photos from the day and here for the feature on Style Me Pretty. 

Wedding Planning, Coordination & Styling: Sincerely, Ginger Weddings | Photography: Weber Photography | Venue: Camp Hayo Went Ha | Floral Design: Premier Floral | Cake: Adriana's Cakery | DJ: Mr. Music DJ's | Catering: Catering By Kelly's

Northern Michigan Trillium Inspiration Shoot

Hi, friends! Wanted to pop over the blog today to let you know that this editorial shoot is being featured over on Wedding Sparrow today! You all know I have a deep love for film photography and beautiful flowers, this shoot was a dream to work on with Weber Photography, Bloom Floral Design and Tableau Events. And that dress from Kendal Leonard Designs? Simply perfect. 

Creative Direction & Styling: Sincerely, Ginger Weddings | Film Photography: Weber Photography | Floral Design: Bloom Floral Design | Design, Decor & Paperie: Tableau Events | Bridal Gown: Kendal Leonard Designs | Model: Shauna Shattuck 


My Favorite Photo from Lo & Jason's engagement session with Lauren Kinsey. 

My Favorite Photo from Lo & Jason's engagement session with Lauren Kinsey

Run and chase your dreams, friends. Don't look back. Life and love are abundant. 

Intern Orientation 2014

Last week, I carved out an evening to officially welcome my summer interns! We celebrated and got to know one another better over dinner at 9 Bean Rows in Suttons Bay (definitely one of my favorites!). Even with only two events behind me this year, my interns are indispensable. 

At our dinner I went over the history of SGW, our brand story, my goals and a huge piece of my heart. It's huge for me that these girls know that they are valued and appreciated. 

More than anything, I wanted these girls to know that their primary "duty" this summer was to learn and ask questions. I can already tell that they will follow through. I'm sure you will see these lovely faces throughout the season! 

My internship with an event planner in college was transformative in my journey. How amazing that I might play a tiny part in someone's path to a meaningful career? 

We definitely had some amazing food and wine. Organic Cabernet? Rabit Ragu? Warm olives marinated in citrus olive oil? Earl Grey Panna Cotta? Oh yes we did. 

I'll end this post with dessert, like most good things, and a huge thank you to my friend Courtney from The Compass Points Here for joining us for dinner! It was amazing having you there to document and share your expertise. We are grateful! 

First Look... Amanda & Justin's Wedding in Elk Rapids

Oh Happy Day! These past few weeks have been a blur: so many flowers, bottles of wine, crazy dance moves and late nights. The wedding industry is a blast but truly emotional, one of a kind in my opinion. This past weekend I had the pleasure of designing flowers and coordination for dear Amanda. Both Amanda and Justin, and their families, are just a joy to be around. So blessed to have one another. Here's a few sneak peeks from Instagram



Just a little Preview

On Tuesday I celebrated the beginning of wedding season with four incredible interns and my friend Courtney who took some amazing images. I can't wait to introduce you to each of these ladies and tell you more about the dinner we had at 9 Bean Rows. But for now, a little preview of some of my favorite things: wine, cheese, flowers, and community. 

First Look... Heather & Reb's Rustic Northern Michigan Wedding

Oh my goodness. This weekend was so much fun celebrating Heather & Reb in the woods. Perfect weather, nice people and some seriously smooth dance moves. Here are few sneaks of the day from Instagram. To see more, come on over to #heatherandrebsittinginatree. :) 

Happy Memorial Day! This week will be busy for us here at SGW prepping to welcome our 2014 summer interns in style on Tuesday, style a spring shoot on Wednesday, and prep for another amazing celebration of love next weekend! 


Amy & Jon... Happy Anniversary!

To two of the kindest and most in love people I've ever met, Happy Anniversary! I can hardly believe it was one year ago Amy and Jon were married in the most picturesque setting in Elk Rapids. The rain cleared for the most beautiful ceremony and friends and family danced the night away. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your love story, here's to forever! 

To see more photos of their celebration, courtesy of my girls at Eliza Jean Photography, go here

Inspired By...

Back from our East Coast vacation and feeling just enough refreshed to make it to wedding season. I've come back to little stacks of paperwork and the opportunity to do my best work for my brides. With wedding season coming at full speed, I'm finding the need more than ever for balance and boundaries. Yesterday, while browsing Pinterest, I came across this blog, and fell in love with this set of images. Natural but refined. Old but bright. Calm but still encouraging. 


Happy Spring, all of you. I hope your season is filled to top with fresh flowers and coffee dates in the rain. 

Kalin & Matt... Engaged!

Kalin was one of my brides that was an instant bestie. I remember our first coffee date at Morsels and feeling like I had known her for a lifetime. Kalin and Matt live in a sweet farmhouse and wanted their engagement photos to show the natural beauty of the area, even in winter! These two are so special to me. Be on the lookout for their amazing wedding this summer on Walloon Lake! A big hug to Tom from Two Twisted Trees for allowing me to share his amazing work. Can't wait to work alongside you in August, Tom!


Kalin, you are a babe and seeing you on the journey marrying the love of your life is such a joy. Matt, you know I love you! Honestly you guys, we're all going on a double yoga date on Friday. That's much we love each other. :) (or maybe it really just shows how much Isaiah and Matt love Kalin and I!)