Making Things Happen

Okay you guys, I know there are only a humble few of you out there who read this blog. But those of you that do know that I tend to be a perfectionist... but in a strange way. Those of you that read my blog know me deeply, and know that I have big dreams. Bigger than I think I'll ever be able to share on this blog. I've recently realized that my problem with "perfectionism" is a-typical compared to others. I go to bed with dishes in the sink, my purse is full of receipts, cookie crumbs and more crap that you can imagine. But despite my messy girl tendencies, I still have this weird mindset around big projects. I can't seem to start until everything is



When something is really important to me, like getting a good grade on an exam or starting my business, everything has to be in place just right. Trust me, it took a year and a half before I even started this blog because I was afraid. I made excuses upon excuses- I don't have a professional logo, I don't have time, what will I write about, is this my purpose?, etc, etc. Eventually, after hearing it a million times... I decided to just start. And even though each little thing isn't exactly right, I'll keep moving forward. I'm starting to

make things happen.



posted about the

MTH scholarship

, I knew I just had to put my name out there. This business of mine, what is so so important to me, has the potential to be big. My clients, both past, present, and future, deserve an event designer who isn't afraid- who is ready to grab the bull by the horn and go for it. So here I am, putting myself out there. I'm ready to make things happen.

This summer my husband and I were given an incredible, life changing gift. The support of our family members has really awakened something inside of my to be intentional about my life, something I've talked about before here on the blog. I want to make sure that I'm taking full advantage of the life I was blessed with and give back in a way that I can. For me, Occasions is the way I can do that right now. To bust out of my shell and show the world what I'm made of. I think attending the

Making Things Happen

event in Chicago this month would be just the push I need to let go of the voice of perfection and just get it done. I am so excited!