a place to remember

with the people you love.

 Maybe it’s when you walk outside at dusk to bring your mom another glass of wine on the beach, or when you wake up in the morning, brew a fresh pot of coffee and enjoy it while you pick tomatoes from the garden. Northern Michigan is more than a vacation destination, it’s a community that focuses on creating a life built on the things that really matter. We understand that when you choose to celebrate the beginning of your marriage here, you want to share the special memories you’ve formed with the people that matter most.

The most tangible memories I have are spending summers at the lake with my family.  My siblings and I would spend hours fishing for dinner with Grandpa, collecting wildflowers for the kitchen counter and preparing for our nightly happy hour cruise on the lake. As the sun descended, my grandpa would present us each with a special drink, mixed uniquely for each of us. After spending an hour enjoying cheese and crackers on the boat, we would finally cave and get cleaned up for dinner. We'd dine al fresco on the patio, eating fresh fish and perfectly ripe strawberries and close the night with a fire, always. The bright stars and crackling fire magic, every time.

As my own story started to unfold, I quickly understood what my purpose was. I have always had a passion for art and nature. My fondest memories were formed in Northern Minnesota on a small lake where my grandparents lived. We spent our days exploring, swimming, gathering flowers, baking rhubarb pie and painting. My Grandma, Ginger, had a gift for making simple occasions feel like a true luxury, a once in a lifetime event. Little did I know these were the relationships and experiences that would shape my life and career.

The memory of those days and a lifetime more are what inspired me to a career designing and directing luxury events that are approachable, meaningful, and elegant. We value collaborating with artists who are committed to providing a world class wedding experience in the place we call home. Private residences and meaningful locations are our speciality. Our experience managing the logistical challenges of surprising locations will free headspace so we can focus on collaborating on a wedding design that is perfectly suited to tell your story.

Rachel completely nailed our style without us even being able to fully articulate what it was that we wanted. she just got it. event planning is her calling and incredible gift.
— Nicole, Bride