Being Intentional.

In my first few years of university, there were severeal


around campus. I was fortunate enough to attend a relatively small, private university in Seattle. As a factor of this, living on campus was a


deal for everyone. It seemed like everyone was coming from the furthest reaches of the globe, I was only from Minnesota! "Community living" was the most important aspect of your first year college experience. Orientation week slammed you with words and phrases to memorize- PA, ASSP, SFS, Res. Halls, etc. Then there are words spoken so often on campus they almost became a mantra for student life- community, relationships, calling, 


. Looking back on my education, we thought these things were silly at times. Why did I have to be so "intentional" about relationships in my little bubble at SPU? What did it even mean to find my


? Are you lost, yet? ;)

my beautiful campus
my beautiful campus

My gorgeous alma mater,

Seattle Pacific University

 The point is, I truly was intentional about trying to soak up my college experience. I met all sorts of new people, explored the city and dived head first into internships to find my calling in a way that was authentic to me and my journey. (Fellow SPU students are probably totally picking up on the lingo now!). Even though I had a tendency to be a little bit cynical about the whole process, I can truly see the value in finding your calling and being intentional about reaching your goals.

After reflecting on this for a while and reading Jess Lively's


about Business with Intention, I've been inspired to start a new column on this blog about how I intend to


bring Occasions to life in an authentic, real to me way. I want to explore the aspects of my business that could easily be swept off the side- to be deliberate about writing a business plan that will work for me now and in years to come. I want to design a


that will serve my purpose and allow me to better serve my clients. This section on the blog will be ongoing as I experience the "growth" stage of Occasions Event Design. Look for more posts weekly!

To your journey,