OED workspace: part 1

I am so excited to start this mini-series on the blog today! As a new business owner, there are so many challenges to getting "up and running". Theses challenges are varied- from setting up a website, registering an LLC, purchasing business cards and more. One "challenge" that I've been looking forward to is the design of my new home office! This is a huge step for Occasions as a business, and one that will truly mark my humble beginnings. As of right now, my "office" is either my couch, my favorite coffee shop, Morsels, or a kitchen table with hot glue spilling all over the place. We don't pay for internet but rather borrow a spotty signal from some unsuspecting neighbor. So when I tell you I'm on a budget, I mean it. ;)

For my wedding gift, my husband decided to give me the best thing EVER. He decided that we should dedicate an entire room in our little abode to my growing business. I cried. He even told me he was going to build me a desk. So over the last few months we've gone through some trial and error over what the space should look like. First we were going to keep our TV & futon in there too. Our basic idea was that it could be a fusion room: part tv room, part guestroom, and part office. This seemed like a decent compromise to me but when it came down to it, it just wasn't going to work. I needed a space that was fully mine. That I could organize my props and supplies- cut up tissue paper without Isaiah sweeping up after me 24/7. He loves being clean and organized- it's more of an effort for me. :) So this room is small but it's going to pack a big punch. I'm ready for a big desk, bright lights and internet that will acutally load youtube videos in less than 45 minutes. Bring it on!

Here are some pieces that I am using as inspiration for my space...

 These two prints from

Jess LC

are amazing in person.

I ordered them about a month ago while I was dreaming of this space.

Jess Lively

is one of my favorite bloggers and a business owner that I truly look up to. Her shop carries a few motivational prints and I couldn't resist. I'm planning to mat and frame in white against my persimmon colored wall. I hope that I'll be inspired to strike a balance between big dreams and living in the moment. Later on I'll share more of my process of being intentional about my space and about building my business.


West Elm

Okay, please don't yell at me for choosing a white parsons desk. The truth is, I crave a clean space that dirty up a little bit with lots of papers, coffee mugs and paintbrushes. This will be an outward facing desk with two removable chairs for clients. That way, I'll be able to host meetings in my office- a dream! Against the wall I'll have a small dresser for storage space and shelving. This way I can switch back and forth between two (or more) projects at once. I tend to do that.



Isaiah and I bought this shelving unit as one of our first pieces of furniture together. I have to say- it's HUGE. It's been everything from a storage unit to a book shelf. Lately it's been living in our guestroom but I'm taking it out of retirement and into my office. It needs to be spiced up a little bit. Let me know if you have any ideas! I have a few baskets and hope to use a row for each client's props and supplies to keep organized. It's not my favorite piece of furniture but it will be very useful.

I'll be back soon with more on building my office space! I'm so excited about sharing this process with you all. Still working on the smaller details, should I get a desktop computer or stay with my 5-year-old macbook? Pay for internet or stick it out? I think the last one's a no-brainer.

To your success!