The Case for Creating a Beautiful Life

I've been using this shampoo for the past month that I used for an entire summer when I lived in Connecticut. It's nothing special, just an Herbal Essences brand moisturizing shampoo. When I bought it I had forgotten it was the one I used while I was living out east. Surely enough, the moment those suds started forming the smell of the shampoo brought be back to my 20 year old self, living in a little cabin by the ocean. The fragrance was an instant reminder of what life felt like during those months.

Do you have experiences like that? I seem to have them quite often. Certain songs, foods, smells or actions make me feel so nostalgic. It's like magic. In high school I was a devout follower of the band Brand New... I always feel like a 10th grader again when I hear those songs. It's little things like the soundtrack to a favorite movie or your grandma's famous rhubarb pie that make memories. For me at least, I rarely think back to a big project I was working on or anything like that as the timestamp to a certain period of life. It's the little things.

flowers from here.

Upon realizing this in a deeper way, and understanding it rather than just experiencing it, I've decided to be more intentional about the little things in my life. As a wedding planner & designer, my job is to make things beautiful, and to give a sense of peace, belonging and encouragement to my clients. It's a goal of mine to inspire the couples I work with to love better. What an amazing calling. It's an important job to do. Of course there are the parts that aren't so glamorous (I spend a lot of time with my 3-hole puncher and excel spreadsheets), but styling flowers, being thoughtful about the tiniest details like what kind of champagne to serve for the toast and what music to play... those things are important. It's what they'll remember when the think of their wedding day.

I'm going to start sending a "sensory" anniversary gift to my clients. You might think I'm totally weird by this point. But how amazing would it be to be gifted a candle that smells just like your wedding night or cupcakes in the same exact flavor. It's the little things guys. Sincerely, Ginger is all about an experience. I want my clients to know how truly unique and special they are, and it starts from the moment we start our journey together and lasts long after their first anniversary. I'm so pumped about this new development!

An easy way to do this for your wedding day is to choose a special new perfume. You can even keep using it on your honeymoon and in your first few weeks of marriage. I guarantee if you stop using it and revisit the scent months later it'll bring back so many feelings of your big day. Like magic.

Personally, I want to be more intentional about the small things in my life. A phrase I always come back to is "if something matters to you, cultivate it". I think I'll work on weekly lilacs in my office this spring. :)

 This post turned into something different that I originally thought it would, it's a little more scattered. But what it really boils down to is this. Cultivate small, sensory habits. Cultivate a beautiful life filled with things that give your life meaning. Not only will you be working towards your ideal day, but looking back you'll see that you've been living your ideal life.