February Goals

So if you can believe it, January is already over. I felt like it was a really great month! My belly is slowly but surely growing and I'm feeling good most days. Looking back on January list, I did so-so. Here was my list...

  1. Input spending into my new iPad app, Budget Book, & have our first monthly budget meeting.
  2. Use my simplified planner daily, or at least bring it with me and keep it open.
  3. Practice yoga regularly, and make it to the pool at least 3 times.
  4. Finish our "Throw out 100 things" challenge.
  5. Keep up with regular posting on the blog.
  6. Learn how to blow dry my hair like a professional.
  7. Cook more meals at home, more vegetables!

Really happy about the budget for the month! Slowly working on paying off our debt for good. Thanks Dave Ramsey! Used my Simplified Planner pretty consistently. I'd like to use it more for meal planning, but I did start working on my year at a glance and birthday sheet. I've been going to prenatal yoga weekly, which I LOVE. I'll write more about that in my pregnancy post. Totally didn't finish the challenge. When I clean my office this month I hope to do that with vigor.

I did post regularly, and I am proud of myself! I want blogging to be a fun, natural part of my life and I've been really enjoying it. Really excited to keep up with this for the year. Yea- the blow drying thing is such a bust. First of all there's no time for that and also it's just hard. I should have taken a photo. I did eat more meals at home, but I can't say there were more veggies. Fruits for sure, but veggies are tough. I do recall throwing together a salad or two, and Isaiah cooking some kale. Whoops!



So here are my February goals! Seems manageable enough. I love my Valentine's Day Brunch so that's a gimme, but it's going to take effort on my part to take photos and go to the gym. The point is that achieving these goals will serve me long-term.

  1. Take photos!
  2. Host my 3rd Annual Valentine's Day Brunch
  3. Apply for my new Driver's License
  4. Have a real date night with Isaiah
  5. Clean out my office
  6. Send letters to my BFF's
  7. Go to the gym (even once)
  8. Check off 3 things on the baby list.

Wish me Luck!