Boundaries + Structure

This morning I was rushing around before headed to my day job (as usual) trying to find all of my things (binders (3), my computer, charger(s), iPad, cell phone, library books, make up bag, gym bag, yoga mat, purse, car keys, work keys, lunch box, water bottle, wallet, extra shoes, etc,) when I realized that I had a problem. I've joked for a while that I might be a bag lady, but it's really the truth. I carry so much with me all the time. I never know what I might need! My purse looks like a normal person's carry-on bag that could also fit a small dog.

The truth is, I bring all of this stuff with me because I never know what I'm going to need or where I'll be right after work. I'm unprepared- I haven't set myself up for success. This is part of the reason why using my Simplified Planner is such a big part of my goals. I crave organization, structure and boundaries in a big way, but I'm always the first to make an excuse about how it's not going to work out. When I read Lara's post on boundaries I knew it was time to cut the crap and bring some structure into my life! Not just in regards to running my business but in each area of my day to day. I know that if I create a plan and stick to it my personal life, day job, small business, work-outs, and time with my husband will be more fulfilling. So why can't I just do it?


Excuses. "We only have one car!" This is true- it's a fact and it's not changing anytime soon. Unlike when we lived in Seattle, there isn't any reliable public transportation to depend on. We are constantly dropping one another off at work or I am left at home without a car. On our current budget, it's not time to get another vehicle. But I do know that Isaiah's schedule isn't changing, and mine isn't changing for a while. So I can work around this for now.

Then of course there are the million little things that come up throughout the day that prevent me from following my schedule and therefore prevent me from creating one at all! "I'm tired; I forgot to pack my lunch; I don't feel like going to the gym; the house is a mess (I better clean it first); I have two weeks until that has to be done; I need a break." Can I get an Amen? Does anyone else experience this? I know that if I follow my routine I am better set up to remember my lunch/ feel rested/ be motivated to work hard because there is a dedicated time for each of those things.


One of the big motivators in setting up boundaries and structure is making time to work hard for my clients and not be all over the board! If I'm feeling like spaz, chances are my brides feel that way too.

Lara said it best, "Brides ideally want people to guide them through the process - planners, photographers, designers, etc - who make them feel calm, happy, excited, secure, taken care of and confidently structured.". YES! This is what I want the whole planning process to be like for my couples, not just on their wedding day.

So today I'm going to be working on a real, workable structure for my day as it is now. No matter how things might change in the future I can guarantee that I should be able to stick to the same schedule for at least the next four weeks. Tomorrow I'll be back with my progress, and hopefully even post my office hours for Occasions!

I'll leave you with this, one of my biggest goals for my business. "A solid product + a powerful brand that helps you attract the right clients who understand your value + structure in place to allow you to provide an extraordinary client experience = wedded bliss!" Thanks, Lara. Beautiful words that I aspire to live out over the lifetime of my career.

Happy Day!