Pregnancy: The First Trimester Pt. 2

After our first appointment with the baby doctor, I was in the zone. I was feeling better every day. All I could think about (still true actually), was about the new life forming inside of me. I started to research diapers, strollers, birth plans, doulas, budgets, nursery ideas, registry items... You name it, it had been googled. No joke, I was a search engine machine for about a week there.

When I wasn't passing time on Amazon, I was sleeping. Tiredness set in like nothing I had seen before. It could have been my body preparing for the crazy week of traveling we had before us, but either way I was lounging like I have never lounged before. Each day after work I'd come home and nap for at least an hour, usually two. It wasn't so bad, except I couldn't finish a movie to save my life.



Another thing that was great about having that appointment behind us was that we were finally free to share the big news with our family and friends (and anyone that would listen). My doctor put our risk of miscarriage at less than 1%, and seemed very confidant in the health of the baby. Telling my parents was so much fun. They were surprised, of course, but I could tell by their voices how happy they were. My dad kept saying, "I'm too young (read: hip) to be a grandpa!". It was an indescribable feeling to have their support.

Since we were flying to Mexico just 5 days after our appointment, we decided to wait and tell my husband's parents in person, and I am so glad we did! Let me paint a picture for you... We had just gotten had a full day and half of traveling. We drove to Detroit, stayed the night at Isaiah's cousin's house, went to the airport at 6:00 a.m., flew to Ft. Lauderdale, transferred to a plane to Cancun, took a shuttle to the Port of Juarez, and then got on a ferry boat to Isla Mujeres. Whew! To say this pregnant lady was tired is an understatement.

My energy only rose when we saw my mother in law, (who happens to be one of my favorite people on the planet) waving her arms in excitement. We walked two blocks to George's favorite restaurant on the Island (sand-bottom, you have to believe I loved it.) and ordered drinks. Of course the first thing I'm offered is a Margarita... I claimed dehydration. After about 45 seconds of small talk I motioned Isaiah to get to it and spill the beans! I have this "thing" about me- I can't lie. But it's even deeper than that- I can't even withhold the truth when it's a big deal.



After he said the words, "We're having a baby", jaws were on the ground, eyes were wide, and then immediately there was jumping and hugging. They were shocked but SO happy. The best reaction we could hope for. As soon as we recapped everything that had been happening for the past 12 weeks, we told them that we wanted a relaxing vacation, one that wasn't


baby-centered. However it was pretty hard not to talk about the pregnancy with Diane, because she's the most understanding and thoughtful conversationalist I've ever met. We chatted a little bit about my hopes to have a natural birth, hire a doula, and how this new development alters the course of my business and intentions. She really helps me think.

Coming up... the first part of the second trimester! If you missed it, here' the first pregnancy post.