Blogging Intention

I'm honestly not sure who out there even reads this blog, especially because I'm not at a place where I feel it's ready to be shared with the world. You see, the only way I know how to write is from the heart. My truest feelings and most authentic self. Although I'm generally very open with my emotions and communication has always been a strong point for me, this blog seems very personal somehow. Coming to terms with it being "out there" is something I'm slowly working on.

This is a very honest space where I want to be able to talk about anything that's going on. You can expect to read about my business and it's blossoming to my full time career, my journey into motherhood, snapshots of my life that I simply don't want to forget, and my journey to making the right things happen. This is truly my core.



That being said, I will make no apologies for the things I write about in this space. I've come to terms with putting myself out there and I'm not planning on turning back. On this blog, you can expect me to be real. To write from my soul and to be truthful about my journey. You're going to be getting a pretty heavy dose of this in the next few posts where I write about what 2012 looked like and where I hope to be at the end of 2013. It's a big deal.