Vision Board

I was completely one of those twelve year old girls who cut up magazines and created collages of cell phones, lipstick, ballerinas with perfect form, and the word "sexy" and glued it all together, stuck it on my wall. Back then it was for fun, but I can see now how creating those collages helped me refine what I loved and wished for. As an adult, I've been creating vision boards on Pinterest for several years now. You can see 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and now... 2017

Photos are not my own, for a specific source for each image, please see this  link . 

Photos are not my own, for a specific source for each image, please see this link

It's fun to see how my dreams and tastes have changed. The constants: family first, inspiring work, energetic social life, travel, healthy living. This year, in my quest to rise, my hope is that these other dreams will naturally follow. For the first year EVER, I started out January 1st without anything I wanted to change about myself. 

I woke up on January 1st with no weight I "needed" to lose, no credit card debt, no goal to buy a home (ZING), no resolving to create a healthy boundary for work, no urge to have another baby, or to plan a specific trip, or to grow my hair out or, or, or. 

Accept yourself, and expect more from yourself. -- Gretchen Rubin

How freeing is that! I'm excited to rise to the next level this year. To find more flow in my creative work, to get to the next level in with my fitness goals, to put my phone down more often. I don't know about you but I see zero social media in that vision board! 

So, CHEERS! To squeezing more life out of everyday. 

Rachel Moger

Rachel Moger is a sought after event designer and consultant in the celebrated wedding industry in Northern Michigan. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Seattle Pacific University in 2011, and has since cultivated a collection of recognizable lifestyle brands. Since the founding of Sincerely, Ginger in 2012, Rachel has lead a team that has executed over 100 weddings across the region. Her work has been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, The Knot Magazine, Cottage Hill, Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, Carats & Cake, and more.