Home is Where the Heart is

It's full speed ahead at SGW headquarters, so we thought we'd take a minute to update you on where exactly our headquarters are! 

Earlier this year, we packed up our things and moved into a sweet new office within the historic Grand Traverse Commons campus. The sign is now up, the boxes unpacked, the throw blankets are laid gently over our chairs - we are home! 

Untitled design (1).jpg

The natural light that spills into our office is such a gift! Not to mention the character of the historic building itself. This new spot is just oozing with inspiration.

Who knew a reincarnated State Hospital could be so incredibly lovely? It makes perfect sense, actually, when you consider Dr. Munson’s philosophy that “Beauty is Therapy.” The Founding Medical Superintendent believed that "if patients were surrounded by a beautiful environment, from the architecture to the campus grounds, their emotional and mental state would be uplifted." This was part of the moral treatment movement, which was revolutionary at the time. 

The history of this Northern Michigan Asylum is quite interesting, and their historic tours are a popular activity if you're looking for something unique to enjoy with family and friends! 

We are truly grateful for the restoration of this Traverse City treasure we now call home. 

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