On Rest & Balance

This morning I was drinking my coffee, sitting in my office, surrounded by papers, binders, boxes and bins. Everything from my photoshoot this week was not unpacked (there were literally dead flowers everywhere). I was so overwhelmed looking around me and seeing this huge MESS. What's more important though, is the mess that's dwelling in me lately. In the busyness of this season, I need to give myself more time and space to simply rest

Thanks to the Return to Rest Retreat for the photo! 

Thanks to the Return to Rest Retreat for the photo! 

In the wedding industry, it's easy to work overtime without realizing it, to work straight through meals, to text your clients while watching movies with your spouse, to let work spill over into your life. I love what I do. It's true! When I get a call from one of my brides at 8pm, I always pick up! My brides quickly turn into friends, and it's important to me to be there for them. But I know how important it is for me to have some balance in my life. I need to recharge, pray, reflect, set goals. That's a big reason why I love blogging so much! 

But somewhere between my calling as a wedding planner, a wife, a mom, and whatever else my role might be for the day- I loose a deeper connection with myself and with God. I love the mission behind the Return to Rest Retreat, have you heard of it? My goodness, if I could even begin to tell you all the ways my heart needs rest. How amazing that they are offering this retreat to wedding professionals? 

My purpose in sharing this today is to make a commitment to resting more often. To working hard to achieve balance between work, play, and rest. Even without this awesome retreat weekend, I'm planning to do just that this week. As I mentioned before, I'm currently working with Laken, doing one on one work with her. One piece of homework she gave me was to take a nap. Can I get an AMEN? :) 

Rachel Moger

Rachel Moger is a sought after event designer and consultant in the celebrated wedding industry in Northern Michigan. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Seattle Pacific University in 2011, and has since cultivated a collection of recognizable lifestyle brands. Since the founding of Sincerely, Ginger in 2012, Rachel has lead a team that has executed over 100 weddings across the region. Her work has been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, The Knot Magazine, Cottage Hill, Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, Carats & Cake, and more.