Pregnancy, The Second Trimester Pt. 3

Hello week 24! I can't believe I'm over halfway there. I wanted to share a little update on how things have been progressing. I've been feeling pretty good overall. My energy boost has been sustained throughout the past few weeks which I am so thankful for. I don't need daily naps anymore, but I find that if I have a few later nights I need a big nap to catch up.

At 20 Weeks we had our big ultrasound! It was so much fun to see our little one's face. He's a little angel baby. We loved getting these 3D images to share. He was rubbing his eyes and even sucking his thumb! Be still my heart.


The purpose of the ultrasound was to check for any abnormalities in his anatomy. The technology was crazy- they checked the parts of the brain, the heart, all of his bones and made sure he was still a boy. Isaiah and I are so thankful for such a healthy baby!


One new symptom that's come up is some major back pain. Not good! I've been seeing a chiropractor for some help, but the truth is that it's just pregnancy doing it's thing. It's been better but my ligaments will only get looser. The chiro has also been helping with my headaches and they've gotten better do to her help, more water and more rest. Hallelujah!

At around 19 weeks I started feeling regular movement. Turns out I had been feeling flutters for a few weeks but couldn't verify that is was in fact the little guy. Now at 24 weeks I'm feeling full on kicks and punches! Isaiah could probably feel them but is too scared it'll remind him of a mouse (???).

We're getting closer to a name, though it's still really tough. I think we'll most likely keep a list of 3-5 names that we like and bring it to the hospital with us. :)

Other than that it's been smooth sailing! We're slowing checking things off of our baby list and even bought a car seat! I'm looking forward to our shower and praying that he stays healthy for the next few months. I'm getting so anxious for this next stage of life!