If you could meet one woman for lunch...

Who would it be and what would you order? Every morning after I get my coffee and settle in for the day I check my usual roster of news, blogs, and sites. Included in those is

The Everygirl

-- one of my absolute favorites. They usual ask the women they interview in their featured posts, "If you could meeting one woman for lunch, who would it be and what would you order?". Today they turned the question on us and I sort of ran with it.

This is a no brainer for me. My grandma Ginger passed when I was in 6th grade, but up until that point and even now she has a profound impact on my life. She battled breast cancer bravely for years, and even through that we had the best time together.

I named my business after her (Sincerely, Ginger) because she represents what I love most about bringing people together for love. Strawberry picking, swimming in the lake, dining al fresco and just simply being together. The stories of true love between family, friends, and partnerships usually start with something simple. Meeting at Starbucks for your first date, taking long walks after dinner. These little moments are so special. Ginger loved these little things.

I would opt to eat in her kitchen, for breakfast I hope. We'd drink coffee and tea (yes both) and she'd probably insist on making fruit pancakes even though I'd be fine with eating cereal. She likes to make every day special when we're together. We would sit in the breakfast nook, look out over the lake in Northern Minnesota and catch up. I like chatting over breakfast because that means we have the whole day to sit there if we'd like. I'd want to tell her everything about my wedding, marriage, business and little baby growing inside of me. So much to catch up on.


 I'd ask for her advice on everything. On love first. I'd ask about the letters she mailed to my grandpa before their wedding, what didn't I know? As a truly young person I admired their love for one another. They created a beautiful life together- one my grandpa still lives out each day with Karen, his new wife (who is equally as lovely, might I add). Ginger was a brilliant designer, fabulous mother, the best in the kitchen, exerciser extraordinaire and fiercely dedicated to her family. What more could you ask for?

Don't think I'm naive. I see her in her best light because I was a child. She was brave and didn't show how hard things were most of the time. Our time together wasn't jaded by having to work or deal with stress. We spent our time creating with our hands, swimming in the lake, baking, and snuggling on the couch.

I remember once when she was going through chemotherapy, my sister and I were in elementary school. The three of us were going grocery shopping for dinner that night. We got out of the car and Ginger put on a baseball cap because had lost her hair due to treatment. I was only in fifth grade, but I understood why she put the hat on. My sister Bridget is two years younger than myself and asked "Grandma, why are you wearing your hat?". I was so embarrassed. Who would want to be seen bald in a grocery store? People would stare! I bet I shot her

a look

. In reply she simply said, "You're right, I have no idea why I'm wearing it". So she took it off and we went in the grocery store bearing her scalp, walking bravely in truth. She couldn't have cared less if people stared. I wasn't embarrassed because I was protected by her honesty. I want to be a woman like that.

More than anything I want to tell her about my life I want to hear more about hers. There's so much about her story that I don't know. If we had a chance to meet for lunch (or breakfast) I'd ask her to tell me more about her struggles. She was incredibly wise and there's so much I want to learn from her still. It's such a joy to remember my grandmother. All the little bits and pieces. What this question from The Everygirl really did for me this morning was open up a door to ask


questions. I'm positive my grandfather would be thrilled if I asked him to tell me more. Life is short. Cherish your loved ones and learn from them.

With Gratitude,


p.s. Thinking about the importance of grandmothers today and praying for the loss of a dear friend's own grandma. Sending love & peace your way, K & J.