Pregnancy: The Second Trimester, Pt. 1

Where I I leave off? Oh yea, here. Isaiah and I were in Mexico and we had just broke the news to all of our family and friends. It was amazing to share the news with everyone. Parents, grandparents, friends, and family were all there to support us, just like they've always been. Ever since our wedding I have a new appreciation for the people in my life who have always been there. That sort of love is unique and beautiful.

After we returned from vacation I was only a few weeks away from my second trimester. With each passing day I felt more energized. Still not enough to exercise or cook a healthy dinner, but we made it through.

At 13w5d, I was almost into my second tri and there was a noticeable difference in my symptoms (i.e. enough to scare me). I went to the doctor right before they closed and talked to a nurse about my severe headaches and cramping/bleeding. She was very nice, but insisted that I be seen in the ER. As a matter of fact, my husband works in the ER so this wasn't exactly the "date night" he had in mind. The good thing was that we got in right away for the necessary testing.

Obviously everything was fine, otherwise I wouldn't be writing about it so casually. They did the usual testing (blood pressure, weight, etc), and then put me in a room to wait for the nurse. My symptoms had subsided quite a bit, but they insisted on giving me an IV with fluids and some type of anti-nausea meds (even though I wasn't nauseous?). Then they took me in for an ultrasound. It was so wonderful to see our little babe if only for a few minutes. He was so much bigger than 10w5d, Isaiah joked that he looked like a little Mexican skull doll. Cute, am I right? ;) They found the heartbeat with no problem and he was squirming around like crazy.


living in anticipation of this.

This emergency trip was really scary but I left feeling peaceful and calm. I knew we had another appointment only two weeks away and our little man felt safe deep inside of me. He was so small then! Even now, he's only the size of a sweet potato at 17 weeks.

In the next post, gender reveal! Even though you already know, this appointment was so cool. Hopefully after that we'll be caught up in real time. :)

Happy day!